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"Take a hike with me, and take your health and happiness to new heights!"

You Want More...

  • Clarity 
  • Vitality
  • Success (and less  stress)
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Adventure! your career or life. Maybe a change is needed, but you (or your team) lack time, or feel stuck, overwhelmed or exhausted.

Take a Hike and Clear your Head!

 We Walk (or Hike) & Talk, generating clarity, focus and momentum. Get a dose of fresh air and exercise while breaking through barriers!

  • As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and expert strategist, I meet you/ your team where you're at. Together, we determine where you want to be and get you there.
  • We will discover beautiful places (inside yourself and outdoors) (In addition to being a certified coach, I'm a certified Search-and-Rescue leader with 25 years of outdoor experience)
  • You will feel inspired and empowered to take charge, and take action!

Core Areas

  1. Thriving through Transitions: navigate corporate change and career transitions with clarity and confidence
  2. Empowering Leadership: cultivate courageous leadership to action positive change
  3. Boosting Well-Being: elevate health, happiness and success
  4. Transforming Conflict: create respectful relations and productive collaborations

Find out more about these core areas here.

I support leaders, organizations and teams who are agents for positive change (including health, sustainability and outdoor recreation sectors).


Available services include: outdoor and indoor coaching and training, corporate leadership & mentorship programs, and consulting services: workshop & event facilitation, training & program design/ delivery, change management and strategic planning.

"This was the best coaching I've had...Isabel is confident...that allowed me to take the journey with her." (Senior Executive Advisor, Vancouver, BC)

Are You Ready to Take a Hike?

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“Isabel is a wonderful coach! Her caring, warm, non-judgmental presence allowed me to feel safe and comfortable sharing openly with her. She listened with her whole self and challenged me when I needed it. I would recommend coaching with Isabel. She helped me work through some personal and professional struggles and I am so grateful to have worked with her." (Jennifer Colligan Peters, PHR, ACC, Human Resources Manager, Certified Coach)

"It was awesome! Isabel is a really amazing coach. She didn't let me play small and used her intuition to get to the underlying issues." (Lisa H., Portland, US)

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